Increase sales by means of marketing automation

Do you know users who never open your mailings? Perhaps, they harm your business more, than you can imagine. The truth about inactive users that the low involvement harms your delivery in all aspects. In order to involve users more actively, you need to use properly marketing automation software. And mailing is something you need to adjust there at first.
Mail services watch at the one to whom you distribute messages as it is frequent when there are complaints to insults, percent of the opening of letters and the made clicks. All these factors define your reputation among mail services and influence whether your letters will get to boxes of subscribers.
It means that even if people don’tmark your letters as spam, and only don’t open them, it can influence the delivery of messages to the interested subscribers.
It is possible to solve a problem is to add the trigger which will mark users who didn’t open your last 10 letters. After that, it is possible to send them the message to be convinced that they want to continue to receive messages from you.
One more thing.
Do you put points to the users?

Assessment of activity of users on the marking system separates the marketing automation from traditional marketing software. You can attribute points to users depending on behavior (for example, I have opened or I have clicked a letter, I have visited the page with the prices twice in a week, I have loaded the guide or about any other action on your website which you can monitor).
When the contact reaches some in advance defined value (in the example, 100 points), the user gets to a special segment.
Depending on your business, you can want to make with loyal users something from this:
• appoint the personal consultant;
• send the drop mailing focused on sales;
• add to an interaction campaign through Facebook
Opportunities are boundless.
Points allow automating direct letters to users, therefore, they gain, even when you have a rest.

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