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There is a belief that only large companies can be insured and that insurance costs are high. Actually almost all businesses can be insured (grocery stores, stationeries, restaurants, butchers, pharmacies, aesthetics, hardware stores, etc.). The cost depends on the type of business and the coverage’s you contract. It is not the same to insure a flower shop as a jewelry store where the cost of the merchandise is higher and the theft is more feasible.

The most common coverage

It is common that when you insure your belongings you think about your house or your car, forgetting completely about your business. This is also exposed every day to innumerable risks such as robberies, fires, floods, earthquakes, among many others which could finish the night with your project. Commercial liability insurance offers similar coverage in business insurance and designs their packages which can be adapted to yours.

Fire liability insurance protects own furniture and real estate or taken in lease by the insured, necessary for the business. Removal of rubble covers costs of disassembly, demolition, cleaning or those that have to be carried out so that the damaged goods remain in conditions of repair or reconstruction. Machinery and equipment protects in the event of a loss it gives you the rental of equipment or similar to the damaged in order to continue with the normal operations of the company. Hydro meteorological phenomena protects the property against loss or damage caused by flood caused by rain, hurricane, hail, among others, except those caused by earthquake or volcanic eruption.

Breaking glass and illuminated signs covers the material damage caused to glass and illuminated signs that are installed and fixed in the building.Theft of goods may cover money and securities that are in the insured premises, owned by the client and / or employees, including the property of third parties under your responsibility. Business assistance is an additional coverage in which they offer services or give you specialized advice in locksmith, plumbing, cleaning staff, legal and professional assistance, among others.Interruption of activities covers the real loss that a business has had due to the interruption of activities derived from an accidentas long as the loss is covered by the policy.

Conclusion: Civil liability

This term of insurance covers damages caused to third parties arising from business activity or the use of facilities. Coverage’s can be extended depending on the turn of your business for example damage to students in schools and day care centers, damage to members or users of a gym when using their facilities, among others. Motor vehicles covers the vehicles owned by the insured or under the custody, only within the property described as the location of the risk in the policy.

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