What do you need to know before selling jewelry?

Rediscovering the merits of gold in times of economic crisis, many new investors, and therefore not very exposed to the risks associated with its acquisition have been tempted by the precious yellow metal, but not always for the best. Aware of the situation, Jean-François Faure, president of AuCOFFRE.com, recalls the “golden rules” to follow for who wants to invest safely in gold. Intermediaries, fees, storage, taxation … How to make the right choices?

Contact a trusted intermediary

This is no longer their job. All the bankers say it themselves. They cannot easily sell physical gold and therefore avoid doing it or do not always do it correctly. This complexity is due to the fact that agencies can no longer manage values. Moreover, they do not realize sufficiently interesting margins on these products compared to the time spent. And they do not buy gold either because there are no numismatists or experts who can measure the quality of products. In summary, the sale / purchase of physical gold is not a profitable economic model for banks. The use of the Safe gold seller is essential here.

  • Never stop at a single store to form an opinion, but compare the purchase price / sale, the quality offered for the price, the additional services (sealed products for example).
  • Beware of shops that brand their seniority. As for restaurants, the sign could have existed for 70 years but was taken back 6 months earlier by people who do not know the trade. You have to talk with the professionals and go to those who know what they are selling. Investment gold requires real skill.
  • The investor should go to the forums and learn about the reputation of this or that site. We must avoid unknown companies. It is also advisable to move towards companies headquartered in France. If there was a problem, it would be manageable.

Gold yes, but in what form?

gold is a financial concept defined by the European Union. It may be a bar (or ingot) or a wafer with a purity equal to or greater than 995 thousandths, more than 1 gram. Second possible form: a coin minted after 1800, of purity equal to or greater than 900 thousandths, having been legal tender in the country of origin and sold at a price not exceeding 80% of the value of the gold contained in the room. And it also concerns, in addition to physical gold held by individuals, gold represented by securities (at least 995 thousandths): certificates and future or forward contracts.

Cómo Elegir Préstamos Personales Online Más Baratos

Existen muchas opciones válidas cuando debe elegir dónde solicitar un préstamo personal y hay muchas variables que se deben considerar antes de hacerlo. La mayoría de las personas buscan préstamos personales inmediatos, sin costo alguno sin presentar ningún tipo de papeleo. Estas personas suelen buscar incansablemente sin darse cuenta de su realidad: es importante notar que no todo puede ser tan perfecto, pero sí existen los préstamos personales por internet, como los que se explican en a préstamos personales que son préstamos personales rápidos, los cuales requieren de una información mínima y tienen una tasa de interés muy insignificante. Para elegir el préstamo personal más económico, basta con analizar las distintas tasas de interés publicadas en los sitios web y compararlas. Si estas tasas no aparecen en la página de inicio o en la portada del sitio, le recomendamos intentar ingresar un monto y ver el valor que se calcula automáticamente. Esto le brindará una idea de la suma pagadera una vez vencido el plazo.

¿Cómo sé si necesito un prestamo personal?

La diferencia principal entre los préstamo personales y otros tipos de créditos es que no hace falta declarar en qué se va a utilizar el dinero. Puede usarlo para remodelar una casa, para adquirir un bien o para saldar una deuda. Si bien el dinero estará a su nombre, también puede dárselo a otro siempre y cuando sea usted quien se compromete a reintegrar. Esto no tiene ninguna importancia para la entidad que lo otorga. Los préstamos personales son justamente dirigidos a la persona y no a la finalidad, como sucede con las hipotecas u otro tipo de créditos. En este sentido, se parecen más a los créditos otorgados por las propias tarjetas de crédito en donde el consumidor es quién decide dónde y cuándo gastar el monto recibido.

¿Cuál es el mejor crédito personal para mí?

Si tiene dificultades financieras prestamos personales pueden ayudarlo a resolver la situación, pero solo temporariamente. Sin embargo, es importante entender que todo el efectivo que recibe como parte del préstamos personal, debe devolverse sumado a los intereses. Por eso, el mejor va a ser el que cubra sus necesidades, en el plazo en el cual verdaderamente pueda conseguir el dinero a devolver y aquel que tenga los intereses más bajos. Las anteriores son tres variables que se suman a la fiabilidad de quién otorgue el crédito.

¿Por qué nunca antes oí hablar sobre los préstamos personales?

Los préstamos personales existen hace años. A muchas personas no les gusta divulgar que han pedido uno porque generalmente implica que no tienen suficiente dinero para solventar sus gastos. Muchos sienten vergüenza por tener deudas o por ambicionar algo que no pueden pagar directamente y deciden no compartir su situación financiera con sus conocidos. Sin embargo, esto está cambiando gradualmente. Hoy en día, es muy común ver en las redes sociales que sus conocidos disfrutan de créditos sin que esto los apene.

GMO Food Connected to Increased Cancer Cells Danger, New Research Study Unravels

There’s a reliable link between consuming “ultra-processed” foods such as soft drinks as well as packaged treats as well as the risk of establishing cancer, brand-new research of greater than 100,000 people discloses.

Andrew J. Binetter,  a Food & Beverage industry expert, declares that while much of what we consume is refined to some extent, these so-called ultra-processed foods additionally include sugary foods; mass-produced, pre-packaged bread; refined meat items (such as hot dogs as well as poultry nuggets); instant soups; and also pre-prepared packaged dishes.

They don’t add foods such as pasta or rice, which are labeled “minimally refined,” or fruits packed in syrup, vegetables with included salt, or salty meats, which are taken into consideration “processed.”.

What The New Research Study Shows.

In the new research released Wednesday in the clinical journal The BMJ, individuals were followed for eight years. They kept 24-hour food journals, suggesting which kinds of food they consumed. The scientist then determined what proportion of each person’s diet plan was ultra-processed.

The researchers’ analysis showed that for every single 10 percent of a respondent’s diet plan that was comprised of ultra-processed foods, there was a 12 percent increase in overall cancer cells threat (also an 11 percent increase in breast cancer risk).

Although consuming ultra-processed foods has formerly been linked to obesity, high blood stress, and also high cholesterol, the researchers think this is the initial study that connects a diet regimen high in these kinds of foods to cancer cells.

What Experts Still Don’t Know.

Some experts, nevertheless, warn that additional research study is required.

Martin Lajous, M.D., who is an epidemiologist with the Harvard T.H. Chan Institution of Public Wellness that wrote an editorial accompanying the research study, says it is necessary for researchers to figure out which additives or food categories specifically can be enhancing cancer threat.

Lajous says the “ultra-processed” classification covers a comprehensive series of foods, all with their very own additives, nutritional make-ups, and also approaches of handling.

” It’s a fair initial step to link every one of these foods to cancer cells,” says Lajous, “however we require research study that limits which details foods were consumed” to see what they cooperate common.

Still, there are no nutritional disadvantages to eating a diet regimen that contains less ultra-processed foods, and he keeps in mind. There can be significant health and wellness gains.

Refined foods often feature drawbacks such as high degrees of added sugars and salt, states Amy Keating R.D., a Customer Records’ nutritionist.

As a basic guideline, the healthiest diets are comprised of whole foods– those that have been minimally refined,” Keating states. “For your heart, for your weight, as well as for your general health and wellness, attempt to center the main part of your meals on entire grains, veggies, plant healthy proteins (such as tofu or legumes), fruit, fish, as well as lean meats whenever possible.”.

Cutting Down on Ultra-Processed Foods.

To start with, begin sluggishly. Do not try to change your diet simultaneously, claims Keating. Set manageable objectives to consume 2 or three less ultra-processed foods weekly, so it does not seem overwhelming. You can additionally add whole grains, such as fresh veggies or a piece of fruit, to a meal that’s primarily processed– for instance, have a salad with that said hotdog.

Make it yourself. Lots of pre-packaged foods like salad dressing, granola, or soup can all be made at the house, giving you amount to control of the ingredients, states Keating.

Plan in advance with snacks. Don’t obtain embedded a scenario where refined junk food is your only option. Keep items like path mix, nuts, fruit, as well as carrot sticks accessible.

Make healthy swaps. There is all kind of healthy foods that you can sub in for processed ones. Try air-popped snacks as opposed to oatmeal, potato chips,  with fruit instead of swap, or sweetened cereals in plain yogurt with fruit instead of the sweetened things.

Article provided by Andrew Binetter. Follow Andrew Binetter on twitter.

Trading Forex versus Trading Stocks

Many investors are ditching stock trading for the forex market and with good reasons. For starters, forex trading takes the largest share of online trading. A whopping $2 billion worth of trading is done in one day. In financial markets, numbers speak for themselves.

Forex may be a better trading option because it is worth a lot more. The forex market is volatile and is therefore constantly moving. Anyone trading in foreign exchange has the potential to make lots of money.

Forex trading Singapore gives you a few reasons why trading in foreign exchange is better than trading in the stock exchange.

Forex Trades the Largest Volume

The forex market is the largest financial market on the planet and surpasses the stock exchange market by a huge margin. It is also the fastest growing trading market.

Compared to all other trading markets in the world, forex trading takes the biggest share of trading. Where stock trading takes about $10 billion in volume in a day, forex posts a gigantic $1.8 trillion. There is hardly any other market that comes close. This shows that a large number of investors are drawn more to forex trading than they are to stocks.

Currencies are Based on National Strength

The strength of the trading currency is based on the strength of the nation. This is unlike stocks which are based on the reports of a company. While all investment comes with some measure of risk, no strong currency has been known to collapse overnight.

Consequently, the possibility of making good money is very real on the forex market if one approaches it from a point of information. Stockmarkets are often affected by false or exaggeratedreports. This is unlikely to happen in the forex market.

Currencies can be Predicted

Currencies are not always stable, but as mentioned earlier, they do not collapse overnight. There are always warning signs over a period of time that can help an investor predict the direction a currency may be taking. Then they would be able to prepare in advance.

It is Rare for Multiple Currencies to Be Failing Simultaneously

Most of the time when one currency dips, the other one in the pair goes up. If the investor is on the right side, he or she will still make money. In fact, one nation’s financial disaster can mean a fortune for you.

The Forex Market is Open Every Day

The stock markethas a daily close to the market day. The forex market is open every day except on Saturday and has one weekly close. This means that trading is open just about every day and at any time. You can therefore trade in the evening after work or during your resting hours.

This flexibility is always an advantage in trading as you can trade from anywhere and at any time.


With the heightened interest in the foreign exchange market and so many investors joining up every day, experts are very generous with information. There are many platforms both local and international where new investors can get the information they need.

New investors can also liaise with brokers online and get assistance in their trading forays and increase their chances of hitting high profits.


The forex market has benefitted more from technology than any other trading market. The advantage of this for traders is that they can trade from anywhere and at any time. In fact, the rapid advancement in technology had played a huge role in the popularity it currently enjoys. In addition, technology makes the forex market easy to access as trading is done online.


Trading on the forex market come with a lot of advantages including the flexibility to trade anytime and from anywhere. Also, there is a lot of action and a huge community to interact with and learn from. While both stock and forex markets have their advantages, the forex market takes the pantry in terms of potential.

Ventajas de los préstamos rápidos

Pues mira, aparte de que se trata de préstamos rápidos de dinero los cuales pueden obtenerse en menos de 1 hora pudiendo tramitarse además de manera cómoda desde casa tenemos que añadir el que no es necesario ser cliente de la financiera para poder optar a la financiación.

Una de las grandes diferencias entre bancos y financieras online es que mientras que los bancos te exigen una serie de cosas como tener ingresos domiciliados, abrir cuentas corrientes, seguros para poder acceder a la financiación que tramitan en estos préstamos rápidos nada de esto es necesario.

Es algo también de valorar pues esto permite agilizar todo el proceso de tramitación.

Ahora que hemos mostrado todo lo que hay que saber acerca de los préstamos rápidos vamos a tratar lo que son los préstamos con asnef.

En los párrafos anteriores ya hemos hablado acerca de esto pero lo volveremos a decir.

Los préstamos online con asnef pueden ser tramitados aunque prácticamente todos se firman en persona.

Una cosa es la tramitación de los créditos los cuales son llevados a través de internet y otra cosa es la firma de los mismos, y cuando hay asnef casi siempre se hace en persona.

En esta fase lo que vamos a hacer es tratar las características de los préstamos con asnef haciendo ver sus ventajas, sus inconvenientes así como la utilidad aportada en el mercado.

Retirement Funding: Reverse Mortgage Loan Help Those No Longer Working?

Many seniors have uncovered this via rising prices and rising wellness payments, their organized salary for retirement living is just not fulfilling their necessities.

Some people turned to reverse loans to boost their retired life income level.

Lately, what is a Reverse Property loan?

A backwards mortgage loan is cash extracted on a residential property, which empowers the home owner and spouse to continue being in the home or apartment until the two either move out or perish. Backwards mortgage loan proceeds could be collected in three distinct approaches:

– As a lone round figure

– As routine each month source of income

– At times and quantities established by the homeowner

Reverse home mortgages are very adaptable in investment allotment. However, it must be recorded which, like just about any kind of home finance, there are generally a number of charges, finalizing costs, and spendings which go along with a reverse mortgage loan. It should be taken note this, as with every style of home or apartment loan, there are specified premiums, exiting costs, and expenditures this come with a reverse mortgage loan. As a result, if an individual recognizes this they will definitely be leaving the house in the upcoming month, it might be wise to uncover various other means to replace their specific income source voids.

Varied Sorts Of Backwards Home Loans

Even so, in the event that a certain person makes a decision which a reverse loan is right for their particular condition, they must determine what sort of reverse loan they will acquire: a public-sector mortgage or private home loan.|If an individual makes a decision that a reverse property loan is just right for their distinct case, they must make a decision what option of reverse home loan they will acquire: a public home loan or private home loan. Considering each one of these forms of reverse home loans have various stipulations and criteria, it is crucial to understand the differences.

Non Private Backwords Mortgage Loans

We know there are a couple of different sorts of public reverse mortgage loans:

Credit Finances (DPLs) offer a sole round figure payment used to improve a residence. DPLs are accessible through community and state administration departments.

Property Tax Deferment Loans (PTD deliver an annual finance allowance which is employed to compensate land tax.

Private Reverse Property Loans

There are additionally two various forms of private sector reverse home loans:

Residential Property Capital Alteration Mortgage Loans (HEMs) are gov covered finances endorsed by the United States administration and provided by a lending institution that is backed by the Federal Housing.

Exclusive backwards Mortgage loans are offered with nonpublic companies which allow the loan provider ownership rights to the finance.

Private reverse home mortgages can be employed any approach which the client chooses and do not fall below fed and state regulations.

QROPS New Zealand & USA – Relationship with Pension Rules

QROPS New Zealand is Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme, for persons who have permission to receive transferred UK pension funds in New Zealand. Each year many British expats choose to settle permanently in New Zealand. If these expats have contributed to a UK pension, then their pension funds can be transferred to a QROPS. Transfers to QROPS New Zealand from a UK Pension are generally exempted from tax as also the benefits drawn down from the pension. It effectively means that QROPS transfers are tax free both for the lump sum and for money paid out, except under certain circumstances where full tax exemption may not be permissible. You can find more info here on this topic.

State pension- where the contributor has already bought the annuity from the pension fund- is not eligible to be transferred to QROPS New Zealand. The rules of QROPS New Zealand are akin to the UK’s HM Revenue Customs QROPS rules. The government actuary of New Zealand has confirmed to the providers that the UK’s HMRC has written to the actuary accepting that the kiwi saver and superannuation schemes meet all QROPS compliance. On reaching certain criteria and strictly as per laid down rules some New Zealand QROPS schemes also pay out over 25% tax-free lump sum as a bonus.

There are two main attractions in transferring UK pension rights to a QROPS. There is no compulsion to secure income with an annuity by age 75 and secondly the member’s pension fund benefit can be passed on to the nominated beneficiary after death without any burden of taxation. QROPS New Zealand also offers capital distribution at levels better than UK schemes and most other QROPS jurisdictions. Regarding tax rules one key condition is tax recognition in the country where the QROPS operates. The UK pension fund contributions are tax free but with a rider regarding when and how one can take benefits from the fund. New Zealand resident members of pension schemes are taxed both on contributions and on emerging benefits. The pension funds are also taxed on income and capital gains. Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) between New Zealand and the UK provides for exchange of information between the parties and non-discrimination.

Compared to the UK, New Zealand has very little tax relief on contributions but access to QROPS New Zealand is very flexible. Most New Zealanders opt for pre-retirement withdrawals from the superannuation funds. These funds are taxed during their growth; hence the lump sum withdrawals are regarded as tax paid so further income tax is not levied on the draw-down.

Lastly, transferring UK pensions to QROPS New Zealand seems to be a worthwhile option. And more people are opting for this due to its flexibility.

Go home quietly: your heritage is protected with the bets insurance company

There is a belief that only large companies can be insured and that insurance costs are high. Actually almost all businesses can be insured (grocery stores, stationeries, restaurants, butchers, pharmacies, aesthetics, hardware stores, etc.). The cost depends on the type of business and the coverage’s you contract. It is not the same to insure a flower shop as a jewelry store where the cost of the merchandise is higher and the theft is more feasible.

The most common coverage

It is common that when you insure your belongings you think about your house or your car, forgetting completely about your business. This is also exposed every day to innumerable risks such as robberies, fires, floods, earthquakes, among many others which could finish the night with your project. Commercial liability insurance offers similar coverage in business insurance and designs their packages which can be adapted to yours.

Fire liability insurance protects own furniture and real estate or taken in lease by the insured, necessary for the business. Removal of rubble covers costs of disassembly, demolition, cleaning or those that have to be carried out so that the damaged goods remain in conditions of repair or reconstruction. Machinery and equipment protects in the event of a loss it gives you the rental of equipment or similar to the damaged in order to continue with the normal operations of the company. Hydro meteorological phenomena protects the property against loss or damage caused by flood caused by rain, hurricane, hail, among others, except those caused by earthquake or volcanic eruption.

Breaking glass and illuminated signs covers the material damage caused to glass and illuminated signs that are installed and fixed in the building.Theft of goods may cover money and securities that are in the insured premises, owned by the client and / or employees, including the property of third parties under your responsibility. Business assistance is an additional coverage in which they offer services or give you specialized advice in locksmith, plumbing, cleaning staff, legal and professional assistance, among others.Interruption of activities covers the real loss that a business has had due to the interruption of activities derived from an accidentas long as the loss is covered by the policy.

Conclusion: Civil liability

This term of insurance covers damages caused to third parties arising from business activity or the use of facilities. Coverage’s can be extended depending on the turn of your business for example damage to students in schools and day care centers, damage to members or users of a gym when using their facilities, among others. Motor vehicles covers the vehicles owned by the insured or under the custody, only within the property described as the location of the risk in the policy.

Perfection Comes First when it comes to the Perfect Real Estate Sale

The real estate agent is often commissioned by the seller to find a buyer. However, when you call on him to buy, he presents you the goods available and meeting your criteria. He is required to advise you and administer the real estate transaction.

The first role of a real estate agency is to let you know the real estate available on the market. The real estate agent is responsible for selecting from ads published those corresponding to your expectations and organizes the visit of these properties. However, its proposals are necessarily limited to housing for which it is bound by a mandate.

A dual mission for the real estate agent

If he has obligations towards the seller, this professional expert also has to the buyer of the property. Thus, as a candidate for purchase, he is required to inform you accurately and accurately about the property offered for sale. It must include details of all housing characteristics and allow you to have all the important information before making the transaction: living space, state of construction, strengths and weaknesses of the property, real estate diagnostics. By elsewhere, if during the course of its mission, defects are noted, it is obliged to inform the owner but also the possible purchaser. With the best developer sales in singapore you can have the solutions present now.

The choice of the funeral parlor

Following a death, you usually have to act quickly without rushing: you have 6 working days. The choice of the funeral agency that will be in charge of the funeral is not so simple and requires some thought. Do not hesitate to surround yourself with people you trust to help you in your steps.

The funeral agency must be able to meet expectations both in terms of budget and services. Comparing prices and services is therefore highly recommended.

The different types of funeral operators

These are most often private companies that are in charge of organizing funerals. There is:

  • large groups (PFG-Robot),
  • affiliates (own name but centralization of contracts and purchases),
  • the networks (Funeral Choice, Fun plus, Roc Leclerc or Pascal Leclerc),
  • the self-employed (often family companies),
  • The SEM (mixed economy company) which are companies owned by the city.

Selection of an agency

Agency identification funeral pumps.


Find the different agencies that you find interesting via this site for example or ask free estimates of funeral homes near you.

Contact agency funeral

Making contact

Do not hesitate to call the agencies to obtain the first essential information (coffinprice, transport etc.)

Adviser agency funeral

The importance of the counselor

It is the person who will help you and support you. It is thus necessary to have a good contact with this one. A first telephone contact will already allow you to have a first feeling. If this is not conclusive, do not continue the steps with this agency.

Entourage funeral

Being surrounded

Ask for the opinion of a friend or family member is highly recommended. The whole process takes a lot of time, energy and often has a certain emotional impact. Use the opinions posted by families, especially on our website. This allows having a concrete return on the quality of service. You can get the supports available now from the well known singapore funeral director.

Funeral pump

The quotation must not be read in haste. To read and re-read the terms are necessary. The Sweat Law of 2008 prohibits any recommendation or procedure, including for old people’s homes and hospitals. Get several quotes and take the time to compare. Distinguish the mandatory benefits from the optional benefits.


Why XM binary trading option has the best reviews?

There is a reason why more than 1 million traders have chosen to trade with XM on currencies, equity indices, commodities, stocks, metals and energy products. Because choose a great, fair and humane broker should be the ultimate choice.Before proceeding with the review compete on XM you need to know that it is a broker that licensed, regulated and authorized by the FCA in the United Kingdom and that has also obtained regular license for the Australian market and then ASIC license. Finally it also has a CYSEC license in Cyprus which allows it to comply with the highest regulatory standards. Visiting the link will give you much proper definition about the company https://fraudbroker.com/review/xm/.

World fame

All traders who have decided to operate with XM come from over 196 countries. The technical staff provides assistance in well over 30 languages. In order to better understand and solve the problems of traders in the shortest possible time. The staff has visited over 120 cities around the world in order to better assess the situation.

Focused on the customer

XM counts and relies on its customers defined as the main resource and for this reason it points to them. Therefore the customer comes before the net value of the capital first even the accounts and the size of the investment.All XM customers have equal treatment. All will receive the same high quality services, same execution and same level of assistance.

Transparent and honest

As you have seen that XM is an honest and transparent broker so everything you see and get will have no hidden terms, regardless of price execution or promotions.All XM offers are everything that customers can own, regardless of their type of investment, their size and their investment.

Easy and convenient

Finally, XM can be defined as an easy and convenient broker with systems designed and updated as they are designed exclusively for the customer. The latter will be able to take advantage of customer assistance both during the opening of the account and also when managing the account from the deposit to the withdrawal of funds to trading. All traders can then trade easily and easily.

Conclusion: Why choose XM?

XM is a broker that fosters the sustainable development of personnel through a wide spectrum of cultures. Through professional trading platforms and flexible trading conditions XM guarantees all traders the best. In addition it is a competent and experienced online broker with a deep knowledge of financial markets globally.XM trading is a service for all customers and is really excellent. The operating philosophy that follows XM is simple. It guarantees customer satisfaction and earning their trust. Reputation is closely linked to credibility and this derives from the ability to take care of the client in the way they desire and deserve.

Increase sales by means of marketing automation

Do you know users who never open your mailings? Perhaps, they harm your business more, than you can imagine. The truth about inactive users that the low involvement harms your delivery in all aspects. In order to involve users more actively, you need to use properly marketing automation software. And mailing is something you need to adjust there at first.
Mail services watch at the one to whom you distribute messages as it is frequent when there are complaints to insults, percent of the opening of letters and the made clicks. All these factors define your reputation among mail services and influence whether your letters will get to boxes of subscribers.
It means that even if people don’tmark your letters as spam, and only don’t open them, it can influence the delivery of messages to the interested subscribers.
It is possible to solve a problem is to add the trigger which will mark users who didn’t open your last 10 letters. After that, it is possible to send them the message to be convinced that they want to continue to receive messages from you.
One more thing.
Do you put points to the users?

Assessment of activity of users on the marking system separates the marketing automation from traditional marketing software. You can attribute points to users depending on behavior (for example, I have opened or I have clicked a letter, I have visited the page with the prices twice in a week, I have loaded the guide or about any other action on your website which you can monitor).
When the contact reaches some in advance defined value (in the example, 100 points), the user gets to a special segment.
Depending on your business, you can want to make with loyal users something from this:
• appoint the personal consultant;
• send the drop mailing focused on sales;
• add to an interaction campaign through Facebook
Opportunities are boundless.
Points allow automating direct letters to users, therefore, they gain, even when you have a rest.

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